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    Switzerland, 11. - 18. August 2013


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    The DebConf team is pleased to announce the release of the DebConf13 Final Report. It’s a 32-page document which gives the reader an idea about the conference as a whole. It includes words from the Debian Project Leader, descriptions of talks, a section about the Debian Birthday Party, attendee impressions, budgeting and DebConf13 in numbers. If you attended Debconf13, the report may refresh some of your memories and bring you closer to the organization team work. If not, it will certainly encourage you to be part of future Debian events.

    We thank the Matanel foundation, 永久免费FQapp, the IVHJLP 浴室用シェルフ、ダブルダブルポールフル銅ガラ …:素材の特徴:軽量で耐久性があり、色あせない、このバスルームラックはあなたの最良の選択です。家庭の装飾製品で広く使用されています。省スペース-コンパクトサイズ、巨大な収納スペース、キッチン、トイレ、リビングルーム、バルコニーなどで広く使用されています[サイズ]:45/50/60 ..., and 永久免费FQapp for their support that made the event possible.

    The DebConf team


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    After two incredible weeks here in Vaumarcus, the awesome team of DebConf volunteers and organizers is getting his latest lunch from Le Camp after having spent the morning tyding the venue.

    This DebConf made more than hundred scheduled hours of talks, BoFs and meetings possible and brought more than 300 attendees together from all around the world. Live video coverage for two talk rooms during six days, eight kilograms of powder sugar for the Debian Birthday cake icing and thousands of smiling faces made this DebConf the awesome week it’s been.

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    We look forward to meeting everyone in 2014 at the next DebConf in Portland!

    The DebConf team


    This is just a quick update about the video streams of DebConf13 which are available at the following URLs:

    • Main talk room, chat on #debconf-talkroom1 on irc.debian.org
    • Second talk room, #debconf-talkroom2
    • hires streams, with special thanks to Sesse and pkern
    • video recordings - already has files up to yesterday!

    /me bows to this is pretty fantatic results - and, the view is also fantastic! Especially from down at the lake :-)
    P.S.: I’ve you missed some technical details in the systemd talk from Lennart, these are probably in here.

    DebConf13 video streams

    This is just a quick note that the video streams of DebConf13 will be available at the following URLs:

    • Main talk room, chat on #debconf-talkroom1 on irc.debian.org
    • Second talk room, guess what - #debconf-talkroom2 it is.
    May you have a productive and joyful DebConf - and thanks for volunteering + talking if you do so! DebConf is what you make it.

    DebConf13 preliminary schedule available

    We are happy to announce that the schedule for the upcoming DebConf13 in Vaumarcus, Switzerland, is available! It is still possible for some changes to occur, as we always try to accept new proposals, even those submitted during the conference.

    DebConf13 talks will mostly happen in two rooms simultaneously, except for a few plenaries which will be presented in the main room with no parallel event. A third room will be available for discussion groups and ad-hoc sessions. As usual, we’ve tried to cluster related activities in sequence, even though it was not always possible. Besides that there will be many tracks covering specific topics, which are:

    • Debian for the cloud
    • Building and porting
    • Community outreach
    • Real time communications
    • Debian blends and derivatives
    • Quality assurance
    • Debian boot
    • Debian in education
    • Debian teams

    There will also be two special tracks, since DebConf is not only about hacking, talks and discussions:

    • Social activities, which includes a poetry night, the traditional cheese and wine party, our group photo, a day trip, the conference dinner etc.
    • Debian 20th birthday, an event open to the general public to celebrate Debian’s 20th birthday (details to come soon!).

    As in previous years, we provide various ways to access the schedule:

    • Plain nice html export, available for everyone without needing a login.
    • The same as above, for people registered in our “Pentabarf” conference management system: This one has one extra feature compared to the non-login version: You can rate an event and its speaker(s) after you attended it. Please take the opportunity to do so, your feedback is very important both for the speaker(s) and for the organizing team!
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    • An xCal file
    • An XML file


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